‘Everything is easier,’ says woman after weight-loss surgery at Ascension St. Vincent | Ascension

‘Everything is easier,’ says woman after weight-loss surgery at Ascension St. Vincent

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Megan has struggled with her weight for most of her life.

“As far back as I can remember, I was always the chubby kid,” she said. “I’ve always had a love for food and as I got older, it just became more and more of an issue.”

Megan had gastric bypass surgery when she was 28 years old and speaks highly of the care she received at the Ascension St. Vincent Bariatric Center.

“The hospital had a whole unit dedicated to bariatric surgery,” she said. “I was with other bariatric patients and felt like the nurses had a better understanding of what we had been through.”

Weight loss can be a lifelong struggle. Many patients have tried various tactics to lose weight for years before they finally seriously consider bariatric surgery as an option. And many times, it is other health concerns that brings patients to make the decision. Viewing a free online informational seminar hosted by Ascension St. Vincent can also help you decide whether surgery is the right option for you.

“All of the nurses, techs, social workers and caregivers in the bariatric unit have been specifically trained for bariatric patients and have actually elected to be there because of that,” said Chris Evanson, MD, a bariatric surgeon.

Megan has lost close to 200 pounds since beginning her weight loss journey, and said she has become more confident in her personal and professional life.

“I just feel like everything is better and easier now,” she said. “I work out regularly, have a lot more energy and moving around is easier.”

Personalized care at every step of your weight loss journey

The Ascension St. Vincent Bariatric Center is the most experienced bariatric program in Indiana. Weight-loss doctors, care teams and bariatric surgeons will guide and support you through every step of your journey. Whether you want to lose weight with a lifestyle change or you are considering weight-loss surgery, patients have a variety of options, including nonsurgical and surgical treatments such as a gastric band, the newer gastric sleeve procedure or a gastric bypass. And Ascension St. Vincent can help with revisions of previous weight-loss surgeries.

Megan took the first step to feel better.

Care teams at the Ascension St. Vincent Bariatric Center are fully prepared to deliver the bariatrics and weight management care patients need, with strict precautions in place for the safety of patients in their care:

  • Staggering appointments and limiting people in waiting rooms to allow for proper social distancing
  • Continuing to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Screening patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and care teams
  • Extensively cleaning and disinfecting all areas more often
  • Virtual appointments and consultations
  • Virtual waiting rooms for family members and loved ones to stay connected

Ascension St. Vincent Bariatric Center is ready to help you move your weight-loss goals forward. Sign up for a free seminar to find out more.

Attending a free informational seminar in person or online can also help patients better understand options, meet doctors in the care team or hear from other patients who have had and overcome similar challenges.

Talk with a doctor about your health goals. Ascension St. Vincent doctors start by listening to your concerns and discuss a personalized care plan that can help you lose and manage your weight for a lifetime. The road to a healthier, happier you begins with attending a weight loss seminar.

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