Ascension St. Vincent's Jacksonville Volunteer

Volunteer Jim in Jacksonville Loves Comforting Families

Jim is our featured volunteer serving Ascension St. Vincent's Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ascension St. Vincent's volunteer Jim acts as a liaison between clinical staff and patient families. Jim, a volunteer at Ascension St. Vincent's Riverside takes his role in the surgery waiting room very seriously. He acts as the liaison between clinical staff and patient's families relaying valuable information to loved ones. It can be stressful but the comfort he provides makes all the difference to him. He wrote in and shared what volunteering with us means and encourages others to help where they are needed:

"Ascension St. Vincent's Florida volunteer Jim takes his role in the surgery waiting room seriously." "Think about the skills you have! The willingness to help someone at non-profit hospital. There is such a need to help our fellow man and make a stranger’s life a little easier. The pleasure you get back makes you feel a great sense of accomplishment. Please consider joining Ascension St Vincent’s Volunteer program. I work in the surgery waiting room where I help families wait for the outcome of their loved ones surgery. It is a stressful place with families not necessarily knowing what is going on. I try to keep them up on progress and help stressed family members understand the procedures in layman terms."

"I recently had a friend come in for open heart surgery. I was with his family throughout the whole process. I was part of helping them through the various stages of surgery and recovery. I have the gift of being able to read people and help them. I have been thanked by so many people for being there for them. Ultimately I connect them with the Dr for a report on how things went. The hospital is so large people get lost all the time. A kind word and directions are much appreciated. If you cant see yourself in a volunteer role think about your friends who have time to give.
Thank you !" -Jim

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