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Taking Care of Herself - Corinthia's Story

As a mom of three, Corinthia Calhoun was so busy taking care of her family, she forgot how important it was to take care of herself.

As she raised her children, she gained weight. And as she gained weight, she became very uncomfortable. Her back hurt daily, and simply walking up a flight of stairs left her feeling exhausted. Corinthia tried different diets and would successfully drop 10 or 15 pounds but then gain it right back. The day she stepped on her scale and saw that her weight had climbed to 265 pounds, she decided enough was enough. She began doing some research, wondering if bariatric surgery could be the permanent solution she desperately wanted and needed.

“I felt like it could work for me, but I honestly was scared,” recalls Corinthia. “Surgery is a big decision. And I was worried about what other people would think.” Then Corinthia attended an informational seminar at about bariatric surgery at Saint Agnes Hospital. She learned a lot about how the procedures are performed, the risk factors, and the outcomes that could be expected. She also had the opportunity to hear stories from other patients who had gone through the surgery and were well on their way toward better health and wellness. “It was very motivating, and it felt right,” said Corinthia. “I decided to put my fears aside and made the decision to forge ahead. It was the very best decision I’ve ever made in my life.” Based on her long-term goal to lose about 70 pounds, Corinthia and the doctor she chose at Saint Agnes, Isam Hamdallah, MD, determined the sleeve gastrectomy procedure made most sense. Her surgery was on May 15, 2018, and caused no complications. Her pain was controlled and she was up and walking within hours of coming out of the operating room. At 179 pounds, Corinthia says every aspect of her life is now different and better. She is active with her football-playing son and two daughters, who are passionate about dance. She runs with her dog. She goes the gym for toning exercises a few times a week. And she’s got her sights set on the biggest event of her life – her upcoming wedding. “I know I am going to be able to fit into a gown that makes me look and feel the way I want to on my wedding day,” said Corinthia. “I am beyond excited.”