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Becoming a Mom - Janie's Story

After experiencing a heartbreaking miscarriage in 2015, Janie wanted to try to conceive again, and she knew that losing weight was the first step.

At 352 pounds, the extra pounds were threatening not only her personal health but also her ability to have a healthy pregnancy.

“I experienced so much sadness at that time in my life, and all I knew for sure was that I would do whatever it took to get healthy enough so that I could someday have a child,” said Janie.

Janie began investigating the possibility of surgical weight loss, determined to find a bariatric program that offered the very best surgeons as well as the support she knew she’d need to prepare for and recover from a major, life-changing surgery. Saint Agnes Hospital, it seemed, offered everything she was looking for, and more.

“From the research I did online, it became clear pretty quickly that Saint Agnes was known as one of the best hospitals in the area for bariatric surgery,” said Janie. “I don’t live close to the hospital, but I was willing to travel because I wanted the very best.”

In collaboration with bariatric surgeon Isam Hamdallah, MD, Janie decided the sleeve gastrectomy procedure was her best option, and she scheduled surgery for February 10, 2017. Although the weeks that followed proved to be an emotionally challenging time, Janie recalls that the excess weight she’d carried around for so long began coming off immediately. With every pound lost, Janie became more positive and confident in her ability to eventually bring a child into the world.

Exactly one year and one day after her surgery, and with 110 pounds lost, Janie got the news she’d prayed for. She was pregnant, and this time around, it was more likely that she’d be able to carry her baby to term.

Baby boy Castiel was born on October 5, 2018, and motherhood is everything Janie dreamed it would be.

“The decision to have surgery has given me my life, my son, my everything” said Janie, who has lost 149 pounds to date and has traded her size 20 clothing for size 10. “It’s really exciting to think about taking my son to the park, and all of the things we will be able to do together as he grows. For the first time in my life, I’m excited about the future.”