NTinense’s Empowering Birth Experience | Ascension
NTinense’s empowering birth experience with her OB and maternity care team took place at a local Ascension hospital.

NTinense’s Empowering Birth Experience

NTinese shares the story of her birth experience at her Ascension hospital.

She emphasizes the importance of having a stellar care team and involving the family, especially when this birth isn’t your first baby.

“When I know I have the support of an entire care team on the pediatric side and OB side, that’s really empowering. It’s an empowering feeling to know that all the pressure is not just on me or my husband. We have an entire team of people there to help us holistically, that is extremely helpful and decreases the level of stress involved with parenting and giving birth when you know you have a stellar team behind you.” She also talks about the teamwork of her doctor and care team while giving birth. “They did a great job of including the entire family in the process. Whether the dynamics were in prenatal care or after the delivery process, we felt it helped to create a team atmosphere, so the care team was involved in helping my husband and I bring in this new member to our family.”

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