Michelle has the Birth Experience She Wants | Ascension
Michelle is a first-time mom and her birth experience at her Ascension hospital had many memorable moments.

Michelle has the Birth Experience She Wants

Michelle is a first-time mom.

Her birth story recalls her prolonged labor and how her nurse at the Ascension hospital and birthing unit took the time to give Michelle the experience she wanted.

“When I was getting ready to deliver my first child, I really struggled dilating. My nurse (my delivery nurse) knew I passionately did not want to have a C-section. She coached me. She encouraged me. She pushed me along. We were walking in the halls. We had the ball, the peanut. Just everything you can think of. She pulled it out. She didn’t need to do that. There were other patients on the floor. She took the time to give me the experience I wanted to have. She was in all of the details, just like I was her best friend.”

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