Kelly’s baby Harley exceeds expectations after diagnosis of Dandy-Walker Syndrome.

Kelly’s Baby Exceeds Expectations After Complex Birth

Kelly’s daughter Harley was born in Jan. of 2018 at an Ascension hospital.

Kelly shares the story of how the care team helps Harley exceed expectations after being diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Syndrome team.

“We found out at our 20-week anatomy scan that she had a rare brain disorder called Dandy Walkers syndrome, so we had a whole team of doctors that were available to us. Thank-you, words can’t express how important and integral you are to our family. They really took the time. We had with a care conference with everybody – the pediatricians, the doctors who were going to be in the delivery, our neurologists, and all the individuals who were part of the pregnancy when we showed up to actually deliver. We were welcomed with open arms. They knew who we were when we walked in.  It was such an easy process for such a stressful situation that we were going through. Harley is doing fantastic. She is the happiest, sweetest baby that we know. She giggles all the time and we have a wonderful team to support her as she continues to grow.”

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