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how to choose midwife

How to Choose a Midwife

A CNM is an advanced practice nurse with a master’s degree in nursing who specializes in the care of women across their lifespan.

Pregnancy is often a time filled with plans and questions. The question, “Who will provide my pregnancy and delivery care?” is front and center for many moms-to-be. Many also wonder “Who will take care of me after I have my baby?” Mercy Medical Center has a full team of compassionate, skilled Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) who can fulfill all of those needs.

Care for all life’s stages

A CNM is an advanced practice nurse who specializes in the care of healthy women across the lifespan. They are RNs who have gone on to receive a master’s degree in nursing and are considered independent practitioners with the authority to write prescriptions. CNMs are required to have a collaborative agreement with a doctor to whom they can refer high-risk patients.

During pregnancy, CNMs offer the same pain management options as an OB-GYN, as well as continuous labor support and other natural pain relief options. Because they are less likely to be called away to surgery and emergencies, CNMs can often spend more time with individual patients to address any concerns you might have about your pregnancy or birth.

CNMs also care for women and adolescents who are not pregnant. You can see them for anything from your annual pap smear to birth control questions to post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy. They can also help with basic infertility work-ups and treatment and can start the process of diagnosing many common gynecological problems.

Your care is your choice

Finding a clinician who makes you feel comfortable, is appropriate for your needs and will respect your birth plan is an important part of every pregnancy. Is a midwife right for you? As with any kind of specialist, each practitioner brings her own experiences to the care she provides.