OneChart Training

OneChart Provider Training for Ascension ViaChristi


OneChart provider training is now available through a series of 15 on-demand digital videos. These videos must be viewed and attested to before you will be given OneChart access.

Each video is approximately five to 10 minutes in length. You can view all 15 videos prior to coming to Via Christi, or you can set aside three hours of your time to complete your training during your initial visit to Via Christi. Once you have joined Via Christi, you will find our dedicated clinical informatics team ready to follow up with you to enhance your OneChart experience.

The Web-based training portal also is available. Take these optional provider courses to begin to see OneChart features in action:

  • OneChart PowerChart ambulatory provider overview, part 1
  • OneChart PowerChart ambulatory provider overview, part 2

Note that this portal is not necessarily tablet-friendly, so for best results, use your laptop or PC.

OneChart associate training is available for most Wichita associates through the Employee Learning Center.

OneChart Remote Access


To access OneChart applications:

1. If you are on a Via Christi PC or device, please use the desktop icon or access through the Citrix page.  If the icon is not present on your device, please contact OneChart Command Center Support at x81555.

2. If you are on a home PC or device, please access through this page: