Michael D. Wachtel Cancer Center Department of Ascension NE Wisconsin

  • Specialty Care
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

About Us

A cancer diagnosis can turn your world upside down. Our team strives to provide the best care for your mind, body and spirit.

You don’t have to drive far in the Fox Valley to get compassionate and personalized cancer care. The Michael D. Wachtel Cancer Centers give you access to highly knowledgeable and experienced doctors and extensive services. We are part of Ascension NE Wisconsin, with centers located on the St. Elizabeth Campus in Appleton and the Mercy Hospital Campus in Oshkosh. 

We focus on all aspects of your care so that you can maintain a quality of life throughout your cancer journey.

  • Cancer screening and diagnostic testing
  • High-risk surveillance 
  • Personalized care plan
  • Access to innovative treatments and clinical trials

Your surgeon, who is an integral part of the cancer care team, spends a lot of time with each patient educating you about your cancer diagnosis and the best surgical treatment approach. It’s a coordinated effort with the radiation oncologist, medical oncologist and all care team members. 

Every member of the Cancer Care team is involved in your long-term survivorship care:

  • Surgeons use the hidden scar technique and minimally invasive procedures whenever possible.
  • Medical Oncologists (Hematologists) apply the best chemo-medication therapies for your cancer diagnosis.
  • Radiation Oncologists use advanced radiation therapies to destroy the cancer but not the healthy tissue or organs.
  • Diagnostic radiologists and pathologists use their expertise to identify cancer type and stage. 
  • Palliative Care specialists focus on relieving symptoms, pain and stress caused by cancer. 
  • Cancer rehab is available before, during, and after cancer treatment to help patients improve daily functioning and quality of life.
  • Nurse navigators, dietitians, and social workers provide education, address concerns, and advocate for your needs while connecting you with community resources 

Our compassionate approach starts from the time of diagnosis and is present at every step of your journey.

Have questions? Talk to our Cancer Center triage nurse, 920-831-8900.

We are a department of Ascension NE Wisconsin.  Learn more about Ascension Wisconsin Sites of Care.