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About Us

Ascension St. John Outpatient Radiology in Tulsa, Oklahoma delivers breast screenings mammograms for your breast health.

Personalized, compassionate breast screenings

Ascension St. John Outpatient Radiology delivers advanced digital imaging options, personalized for each patient. We provide screening mammograms, breast MRI and bone density for women. Getting regular screenings may help find breast cancer early, when it is most treatable.That’s why it is important for women to get a mammogram every year, beginning at age 40. We’re dedicated to delivering care for your breast health that is right for you.

Get the screening that is right for you

Care teams at Ascension St. John Outpatient Radiology know that finding breast cancer early can help save lives. If your mother, sister, aunt or grandmother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, ask your doctor if you should have a breast screening test before the age of 40.

At Ascension St. John Outpatient Radiology, we provide comprehensive breast imaging, including:

  • 3D Mammograms (Tomosynthesis): This 3D imaging technology increases the overall detection of breast cancer and reduces the recall rate for screenings – which is a very important issue. Tomosynthesis is an imaging X-ray technique used for the early detection of breast cancer and can help find cancers in dense breast tissue.
  • Breast MRI: This is performed to aid in the diagnosis of breast cancer or breast symptoms. MRI allows us to see areas of concern that might not be visible under mammography or ultrasound.
  • Bone density tests (DEXA scan): This is performed to evaluate patients to find and treat osteoporosis and to help prevent fractures that can lead to disability.