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Visiting Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Visitor Information

Ascension welcomes family and friends of our patients. We’ve provided the information below to help make your visit convenient and comfortable.

St. Mary's of Michigan Standish Hospital encourages family members and friends to spend time with patients and residents. We welcome visitors during our regular visiting hours which are 8 am - 8 pm daily. The Emergency Department is the only after hour access to the hospital.

Visitors should check with the staff at the Nurse's Station prior to entering a patient or resident room. Family members may phone 24 hours a day to get current information on the patient's status. A PIN number is provided to the patient's immediate family upon being admitted to the facility. This is required to receive information pertaining the patient's health.

Visitors bringing any food into the hospital are required to check with the nursing staff before giving it to the patient or resident.

To support a healthy recovery for patients and residents of the Skilled Nursing Facility, a quiet time is incorporated into each day from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Visitors are asked to honor this time and plan their visits before or after these time frames.

Quiet Time hours observed to promote a healing environment St. Mary’s of Michigan, St. Mary's of Michigan Standish Hospital, and St. Joseph Health System has designated Quiet Time hours to help create a healing environment for our patients. These times are from 2 pm – 4 pm and 11 pm – 4 am. Quiet Time hours are crucial for patient satisfaction as well as for healing purposes. Studies show that noise creates stress and is detrimental in the healing process for patients. Sleep is also an important factor in the recovery process. We ask all patients, visitors and as well as our associates to help us maintain a quiet, healing environment. Some ways that we are supporting Quiet Time hours are:

  • Dimming the lights where appropriate
  • Keeping overhead paging to a minimum
  • Phone conversations should be in a designated area away from all patient rooms
  • Patients should lower the volume when listening to music or watching TV

Food Services Hours of service 6:30 - 10:30 am 11 am - 4 pm 4:30 pm - 7 pm 12:30 - 2:30 am

Courtyard Café at St. Mary's of Michigan Standish The St. Mary's of Michigan Standish Hospital Courtyard Cafe' is available for your dining pleasure. A variety of items are available, including a salad bar, main entree of the day and other items.

A vending machine is located near the Main Lobby hallway for those times when the Cafeteria is closed.

Amenities Making Your Stay More Comfortable< St. Mary’s of Michigan offers a variety of amenities to make your stay with us as easy and comfortable as possible.

WiFi For your convenience, wireless Internet communication devices (including personal laptops and cellular phones) may be used in all patient rooms and waiting areas.
To connect with the St. Mary's of Michigan Wi-Fi Guest Network, patients and visitors must furnish their own laptop computer. After booting up the computer and finding the wireless network, you will have to follow a few simple instructions to gain Internet access.

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) An ATM is available 24 hours a day in the main entrance of the St. Mary's of Michigan Saginaw Campus (900 Washington Avenue).

Smoke-Free Environment In keeping with our mission to provide quality health care, smoking is not permitted on any St. Mary's of Michigan campus. This policy applies to all employees, volunteers, physicians, visitors and patients. We are not asking you to quit smoking, although we strongly recommend it for your health and the health of others. But, we are asking you not to smoke while on St. Mary's of Michigan property. (As a courtesy, we ask that you be considerate of our neighbors, avoiding littering and loitering on properties that surround our campus.)

To receive information on how to quit or curb the use of tobacco products, please contact 989-497-3013. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in providing a healthy environment to everyone who visits our facility.

Parking All St. Mary's of Michigan specialty centers provide safe, well-marked parking for patients and visitors, including handicapped parking. To further ensure your safety and security, we operate a 24-hour closed-circuit television surveillance system throughout the medical center.

Standish Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shop The St. Mary's of Michigan Standish Hospital Gift Shop is located in the hospital's main lobby and is staffed by volunteers. All of the proceeds are gifted back to the hospital to support equipment purchases to enhance patient care services and technologies. Hours of Operation Monday - Friday, 10am - 12pm, 12:30pm - 3pm