Programs for crime and domestic violence survivors

Ascension Southeast Michigan Community Health helps victims of crime, domestic violence, human trafficking and those needing grief support.

Open Arms program in Michigan

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You and your family’s health is our priority. At Ascension Southeast Michigan Community Health, we provide services that support your physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Our programs focus on crime victim support, domestic violence support and grief support services, including counseling. Care teams listen to understand your health concerns. Then, we connect you with the community resources that are right for you.

Open Arms: domestic violence and grief support programs

Open Arms is a crime victim service program that provides individual and family counseling, crime victim court advocacy, peer support groups, and legal support for victims of crime and domestic violence. Crime victims are individuals and their family members who have suffered direct or threatened physical, mental or emotional harm as the result of a crime. This includes human trafficking and domestic violence.

Other services include:

  • Assistance with completion of crime victim compensation forms and personal protection orders
  • Grief support services
  • Referrals for additional supportive services
  • School and family support groups
  • Trauma Response Team

The Trauma Response Team includes counselors who provide debriefing or other interventions when a traumatic event occurs in the community. Adults and children are invited to participate in evening support groups.

Grief support is provided when you have experienced or witnessed a homicide, suicide, physical assault, resulting in the death or injury of a loved one or friend. Grief support is also available for individuals who have experienced domestic or intimate partner violence or were victims of other non-fatal crimes. Support groups meet weekly and include groups for crime victims, homicide survivors, school-based grief support, teen empowerment and trauma. Open Arms currently provides services in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. Adults and children are invited to participate in the program. Family and individual counseling is available at no charge to you.