Drive Now Text Later could save your life

Ascension Indiana St. Vincent educates drivers to drive now text later. Texting while driving is dangerous and illegal in Indiana.

Drive Now Text Later

Drive Now - Text Later is a national campaign that Ascension St. Vincent supports to keep drivers safe and to avoid serious highway injuries. The goal is to make more drivers aware of the dangers involved when talking or texting while behind the wheel. The idea comes after the state says it looked at an online survey that showed that 40% of drivers do not know that it is illegal to text or email while driving on Indiana roads--this after hundreds of accidents where texting or e-mail became part of a factor of causing those crashes.

  • Fact: 60% of teens admit they text and drive. Two seconds doesn’t seem like a big deal. After all, it’s just a couple of seconds, right? But when you text and drive, that’s all it takes to lose control of your vehicle and hurt yourself or someone else.
  • Fact: Distracted driving is the number-one killer of teenagers in the United States. This means it’s more important than ever to put the phone away while driving, and focus your attention on the road. Arriving safely should be your only priority when heading to your destination.
  • Fact: Texting and driving is not only as dangerous as driving drunk, it’s also illegal in Indiana. Police won’t hesitate to pull you over and write you a ticket for messing with your cell phone. But compared to being involved in a fatal traffic accident, that’s getting off easy. At the St. Vincent Trauma Center (a Level 1 trauma center for ages 15 and older), we often see what happens when people decide to text and drive instead of paying attention to the road. We’d prefer not to see it happen to you. So the next time you think about sending or reading a text while you’re driving, think again. It just might save your life.

Distracted driving is the #1 killer of teenagers. Take the pledge not to text and drive.

Take the Pledge - Parent and Teenagers

Join your friends, neighbors, and other responsible drivers in pledging not to text and drive. By signing this pledge, you’re showing that you value the privilege of driving a motor vehicle. Most important, you’re showing that you value the lives of your passengers, the lives of other drivers on the road, and your own life. Complete this form to take the pledge.

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