Ascension Seton Surgery Care

In Austin, Texas, Ascension Seton's Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) program provides personalized care before, during and after surgery.

Ascension Seton Surgery Care

At Ascension Seton, we're here for you before, during and after surgery. With the Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) program, we support you throughout your entire surgery experience. From preparing you for surgery, to post-surgery care and care after you leave the hospital, your care team works together to make sure you have the support and services you need for surgery and recovery. And, we work with your doctor and surgical care team to create a personalized care plan that's right for you.

Perioperative Surgical Home services in Austin, Texas

The PSH program is available for hospital-based surgeries, ambulatory surgical-based procedures, as well as COVID-19 testing before surgery. The PSH program at Ascension Seton is designed to prepare you for surgery and promote the quality and safety of your surgical care. Our PSH program can also reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

The PSH program and Ascension Seton covers a wide range of care, including:

  • Anemia management
  • Cardiac testing
  • Diabetes management
  • Management of high-risk patients post-discharge
  • Preoperative labs and imaging
  • Sleep studies
  • Smoking cessation
  • Telehealth visits
  • Weight loss management

Benefits of choosing a PSH for your surgery care

Once you have been referred to our clinic, you can count on us to provide compassionate, personalized care to meet your surgical needs. We start by listening to you, to better understand you and your health. And, we take the time to answer your questions and educate you on your condition and your surgery.

If you are considered high-risk or have other health conditions, we make sure your care plan fits your needs. And we can connect you to specialists who are right for you.

To make getting the care you need as convenient as possible, we operate four clinics in the Austin area. You may be cleared for surgery at a location close to home or near your planned surgical site of care.