Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

For health-related and elective procedures, Ascension's expert plastic and cosmetic surgeons can produce effective results for people of all ages.

About Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is a medical specialty that requires extensive training and board certification. As technology advances, doctors, surgeons, and dermatological professionals can repair and reshape human bodies in more ways than ever before.

Throughout our hospitals, Ascension's professionals can help children born with conditions such as cleft palate and cleft lip, as well as improve quality of life for patients who have suffered injuries that require reconstruction. If you are interested in cosmetic procedures for aesthetic reasons, we can provide both invasive and noninvasive options.

Along with surgical options that address issues beneath the skin, we offer a variety of specialized dermatological services that treat everything from sun spots and acne scars to skin cancer.

Our plastic and cosmetic specialists work together with your primary physician at every step, from your initial visit through your recovery, to provide the best in personalized care.

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