Surgeons talking with patient before surgery

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Ascension provides minimally invasive surgery options that can help reduce scarring, shorten your hospital stay and accelerate your recovery.

About Minimally Invasive Surgery

Choosing Ascension for minimally invasive surgery gives you access to more surgical options, improvements in surgical technology and physicians with advanced training. With smaller incisions and more precise techniques, you may recover more quickly.

Minimally invasive surgery begins with a laparoscopy, in which an endoscope is inserted into a tiny incision. Your surgeon inserts specialized surgical tools to cut, stitch or cauterize without making large incisions that can take longer to heal.

Guided by interventional radiology, an advanced imaging technology, your surgeon can avoid damaging your skin, muscles and organs. Robot-assisted surgery, another minimally invasive technique, uses robotics to give your surgeon even more precise control.

Because minimally invasive procedures require smaller incisions for more precise surgical approaches, you can experience less pain after the operation, less scarring, a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery.

Choose Ascension for Minimally Invasive Surgery