Male soccer player with joint pain trains on the soccer field.

Sports injury care in Michigan

Ascension Michigan Sports Medicine care teams specialize in activity-related injury care, personalized exercise plans, rehabilitation with physical therapy, and safe return to play.

Sports medicine fellowship-trained doctors and orthopedic surgeons in Michigan treat competitive athletes and active youth and adults of all ages who enjoy exercise and recreational activities. Our sports medicine care teams include rehabilitation sports injury therapists. Our care teams  provide primary care for many conditions, including:

  • Joint swelling
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendonitis

Ascension Michigan Sports Medicine care teams specialize in activity-related injury care, personalized exercise plans, rehabilitation with physical therapy, and safe return to play. We offer a range of care including prevention, acute injury management, supervised home exercise plans, and formal physical therapy at Ascension Michigan sites of care. 

Talk to our sport medicine doctor about a functional evaluation to help you learn how to strengthen and condition your body properly. And we’ll talk to you about your goals and how to achieve them, for example:  

  • Improving your agility and balance
  • Increasing your speed, endurance and stamina
  • Improving your reaction time

By working together, we create a personalized exercise plan based on your age, capabilities and fitness goals. 

Ascension Michigan Sports Medicine Trainer Program

Our athletic trainer in the school helps support your coaches and prepare athletes for vigorous exercise. The Ascension Michigan Sports Medicine Trainer Program provides injury care at practices and games. We focus on injury prevention and coordinate the return-to-play plan for an athlete who is recovering from an injury or concussion. Our network of sports medicine and orthopedic doctors provide same-day and next-day appointments for injuries and offer access to physical therapists who specialize in sports injury rehabilitation. Ascension Michigan hospitals throughout the area also provide 24-7 emergency care for traumatic bone and muscle injuries.

We work closely with public health and school officials to minimize infectious disease outbreaks. Your child’s health and well-being are our priority.  

When minor injuries become lasting injuries

Sometimes an injury is unavoidable because of a fall, collision or sudden stop. Immediate first aid includes bandaging any wounds, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Seek medical attention if you are experiencing symptoms that don’t go away, such as skin rash, joint swelling, muscle stiffness, severe headache, stabbing or throbbing pain, or difficulty bearing weight. 

  • Doctors and sports medicine care teams diagnose and treat many types of injuries, including:
  • Baseball - throwing injuries, Little Leaguer’s elbow
  • Basketball - sprained ankles, knee injuries
  • Cheer - strains and sprains, back pain
  • Cycling - knee pain, quad muscle strain 
  • Football - knee and shoulder injuries, concussion
  • Hockey - concussion and shoulder injuries
  • Golf - wrist tendonitis, back pain
  • Gymnastics - wrist fractures,  ACL tears
  • Running - shin splints, knee pain, hamstring pulls, Achilles tendonitis
  • Soccer - knee and lower leg pain, concussion
  • Swimming - neck and shoulder pain, muscle pulls
  • Tennis and pickleball - tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, ankle sprains
  • Weight lifting - back pain
  • Wrestling - skin rash, sprains/strains, fractures
  • Yoga - neck tightness, wrist pain, hamstring strain
  • Zumba and fitness class - knee pain

Managing injuries due to over-training syndrome

Most activity-related injuries are from impact, overuse or poor body mechanics. Ascension Michigan Sports Medicine provides care for sports-related illnesses and emotional health concerns, including:

  • Concussion and return to play
  • Exercises-induced asthma
  • Female athlete triad
  • Skin rash
  • Weather-related hypothermia and dehydration 

What to expect: When to see a sports medicine doctor or athletic trainer

You don’t have to be a school or professional athlete to schedule an appointment with our sports medicine care team. We provide care to active youth and adults. If you have an injury or illness that keeps you from participating in your sport, exercise or recreational activity, our sports medicine doctors, athletic trainers and physical therapists are here to help.  Our goal is to get you back to your chosen activity quickly and safely.  We listen to understand you and your health concerns and work with you to create a care plan that’s right for you based on your physical abilities and performance level. 

When an injury is severe and requires immediate attention, such as a bone fracture or tendon tear,  Ascension Michigan hospitals and emergency rooms provide an initial evaluation and help connect you with an orthopedic surgeon or other specialist that’s right for you. 
If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, go directly to the ER or call 911.