Improving quality of life for older adults

Ascension Michigan offers quality of life assessments for older adults.

Senior Assessments

Ascension Michigan offers senior assessments designed to enhance the quality of life for older adults experiencing functional and physical changes related to aging. Our centers go beyond the traditional medical management of illness and offer a unique collaborative approach that will provide older adults with comprehensive, cognitive, medication, psychosocial and functional assessments that are ultimately shared with the patient’s primary care provider. The goals of this program are to provide:

  • An evaluation of the patient’s mental and physical health
  • Quality of life enhancement for people living with dementia and functional decline
  • Access to specialists
  • Identify appropriate community resources based on needs
  • A recommended plan of care for each patient
  • Coordination of care for patient-specific needs with the primary care provider

Assessment Centers Conveniently Accessible

This type of an assessment could be time consuming and a challenge for primary care doctors. However, our centers coordinate a one-time, one-location visit for each patient which may require up to four hours of time. The convenience, ease of access and cohesive recommended plan removes the challenges for both the patient and the physician.

The Assessment Team

Patients will meet with the senior care team which may include a geriatrician, a geriatric nurse practitioner, social worker, pharmacist, or physical therapist.

Summary of Assessment Services

Dependent on each patient’s need, and designed to supplement the services provided by the primary care doctor, the visit may include:

  • Check of suspected mental weaknesses or impairments including Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
  • Check of patient’s balance and risk for falling
  • Education for both patient and caregiver
  • Recommendations for other treatments that may improve the patient’s personal function such as physical therapy, sleep studies, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and driving skills
  • Review of patient’s medications
  • Nutritional advice
  • Advanced directives and palliative care
  • Community resources
  • Health report with recommendation to primary care physician
  • Independent driving simulator (may require a second visit for this test and may not be covered by insurance)
  • After-stroke testing and education program

Cost of Assessment

Senior assessment services are fully covered for individuals who have Medicare and a Medicare supplemental insurance (after deductibles have been met). Services are also covered by most insurance plans.

If you or someone you know could benefit from an assessment, call 866-501-3627. Or, check out the convenient locations below and call to make an appointment today.