We Are Here to Help With Your Recovery

Post-Acute Care provides nursing and rehabilitation when you are discharged from the hospital but need more care before returning home.

Post-Acute and Transitional Care

Post-Acute Care, also known as Transitional Care, is a skilled nursing program designed to provide you with compassionate care for the next phase of your recovery process. Depending on your individual progress, you may benefit from additional rehabilitation after you are discharged from the inpatient setting, but before you can return home.

For more information on Transitional Care, you can ask your nurse or call:

As part of Ascension, St. Vincent’s caregivers listen to understand all aspects of your life so they can prepare a care plan for your unique needs. Our team includes doctors, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacy staff and a case manager. Our goal is to help you reach your best level of strength and function so you may return to your home or residential facility.

What is the process for obtaining Transitional Care services?

A doctor’s order is required. You or a family member can request a referral to the Transitional Care program. Your case manager can assist you with this request. Medicare and most insurance companies cover these rehabilitation services under the “Skilled Nursing Facility” benefit category.

We advise you to contact your insurance company for specific coverage before making any health care decisions.

Visiting Hours

As a patient, you can benefit from the support of family members and friends during your recovery, so we invite them to visit often. Contact the nursing staff to learn more about visiting hours.

We also encourage close family members to attend our care conferences, where they can learn about your progress and ask questions about your recovery.

What’s next after Transitional Care?

Each patient’s progress is based on his or her individual needs and rehabilitative potential.  Our caregivers continuously monitor your progress until they determine that you are prepared for discharge.

Your case manager will assist with your discharge planning, which may include helping you, your family and/or caregivers learn safe body mechanics and practical adjustments to your home or residential facility. We may refer you to a home health or rehabilitation service for additional therapy to assist you in reaching your long-term recovery goals. These may include learning to use adaptive devices properly, exercises you can perform at home and preventive measures that can reduce your risk of injury and falls.