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Finding the Cause, then Customizing Your Therapy

Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation represents a large network of physical and occupational therapy sites throughout Wisconsin.

Physical and Occupational Therapy in Wisconsin

From the Rhinelander region to the Fox Valley and throughout the Milwaukee and Racine areas, Ascension licensed therapists offer treatments to improve function and mobility. Our Ascension Wisconsin hospitals include inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services and convenient outpatient clinics, specialty therapy centers, and post-acute rehabilitation facilities. In Wisconsin, patients have direct access to physical therapy with some provisions. Referral is not required for conditioning, injury prevention, improving biomechanics, and treating musculoskeletal injuries (excluding acute fractures or soft tissue avulsions).

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Overall, Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation has on average a 98 percent patient satisfaction score. The Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) assessment ranks rehabilitation centers nationally based on the likelihood of patients meeting or exceeding outcomes. These FOTO scores give you a glimpse into our patient experience.

Our patients report consistent functional improvements after every visit. They score our rehabilitation clinics among the best in the nation.

Columbia St. Mary's neck and cervical award     Columbia St. Mary's back and lumbar award     Columbia St. Mary's orthopedic award

Orthopedic patients with neck and back conditions rank our physical therapy sessions in the top 5 to 9 percent based on the Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) assessment, improvements per visit, Ascension Columbia-St. Mary’s Milwaukee, 2018.

What to Expect: Therapy Provided with Expertise and Compassion

As rehabilitation therapists, first we look to identify the cause of your pain. A personalized rehabilitation care plan is created with functional goals. It’s a team approach. In clinic, we educate you about your condition, so the therapies we provide build upon your home exercises. Then we celebrate your milestones and encourage you to keep moving forward.

Our therapists have the expertise to treat a wide range of injuries and medical conditions affecting every part of the body. We use non-surgical therapies and devices designed to aid in your recovery from many health conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Back, neck and spine pain
  • Balance disorders
  • Bone fractures, ligament sprains, joint pain, and tendon injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neurologic conditions (such as Parkinson’s and Stroke)
  • Pregnancy pain
  • Shoulder impingements
  • TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain)
  • Worksite injuries

St. Elizabeth Hospital shoulder award

In the Fox Valley, patients with shoulder-related joint pain rank our physical therapy sessions in the top 11 percent based on the Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) assessment, improvements per visit, Ascension Northeast Wisconsin St. Elizabeth Hospital, Appleton, WI, 2018.

Patients can request a driver assessment from any of our rehabilitation clinics. Therapy programs include care plans personalized for the needs of older adults. For patients of any age, we provide a continuity of care into the home. For more information, see Ascension at Home for health care or other post-acute care services.

Therapists Specializing in Chronic Pain Management

Managing pain helps you heal and get stronger. Our therapists address your physical, emotional and mental stress with personalized therapies and exercises to improve your quality of life. We encourage active care and treatments as part of a total care plan.

Our Therapists Certified in Special Therapies

Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation has therapists who focus on pediatric physical therapy. Aquatic therapy is one of many types of therapies available.Many of our therapists have additional training and certifications in therapeutic specialties:

  • Aquatic therapy
  • Biofeedback and stress management
  • Cardiac rehabilitation phase II
  • Hand therapy including custom splints
  • Lymphedema therapy
  • Oncology (cancer) rehab
  • Pediatric physical therapy
  • Pelvic therapy for incontinence
  • Vestibular therapy (inner-ear imbalances)
  • Worker’s rehab (CARF accredited)

For patients with brain and spine conditions, our certified neuro-rehabilitation therapists provide advanced treatments for:

  • Traumatic brain and spine injuries
  • Concussion
  • Neuromuscular disorders such as Parkinsons and multiple sclerosis
  • Stroke

These therapists have advanced training LSVT Loud and LSVT Big therapy.

Learn more about our other Ascension Rehabilitation programs:

New Pre-Pay Program for Therapy Services

Don’t let rapidly changing healthcare insurance plans stop you from getting the physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech-language services you need. The Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation pre-pay program enables you to pay for services rendered with check, cash, or credit card for a very affordable price.

This option provides greater flexibility for patients with different types of insurance coverage:

  • High deductibles
  • A treatment plan that requires limited therapy visits
  • Services not covered by your insurance plan, for example, dry needling or some pediatric therapies
  • Self-pay based on your needs at that time

Patients of all ages can participate in the pre-pay program. For more information, contact an Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation Clinic or Hospital near you.