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Specialty Care

Rehabilitation to help ease the impact of cancer.

Cancer treatment is different for each person, but it can be tough on you physically and emotionally. If you feel you’ve lost your strength, endurance and independence, we’re here for you. Ascension’s cancer rehabilitation teams focus on helping you find what makes you feel more like yourself again.

Ascension’s cancer rehabilitation care teams partner with you to create a personalized care plan with the goal of helping restore your well-being — in body, mind and spirit.

Rehabilitation designed for cancer treatment and recovery

Sometimes everyday life can take more energy while you are having treatment. We’ll work with you to address your specific needs.

Your rehabilitation care plan may include:

  • Physical therapy to regain your strength and improve mobility.
  • Occupational therapy to help make everyday tasks such as walking, bathing and dressing easier.
  • Speech therapy to help you maintain your voice or deal with swallowing issues.
  • Counseling to help you manage stress, anxiety or depression.
  • Nutritional guidance to help you stay strong and nourished.
  • Help managing side effects during your treatment and recovery.

Your rehabilitation care team can also help with pain, fatigue and memory or concentration problems. We’ll be with you as long as you need us, so you can focus on recovery.

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