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Ascension's asthma care is designed to put you in control of your asthma symptoms with education and ongoing treatment.

Assisting patients of all ages, Ascension's integrated asthma treatment team is ready to help you breathe easier.

Asthma attacks happen when bronchial tubes, the passages that carry air into and out of your lungs, become inflamed and produce too much mucus. The symptoms of an asthma attack — shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing — can be frightening, but our dedicated team of medical professionals can help you confidently control your asthma and its symptoms.

Beginning with a physical exam, our Ascension asthma experts will provide personalized care, support and education, connecting you to a network of leading specialists and approaches. From medication to changes in your activities and lifestyle, we'll work with you to provide all the resources you need to manage your asthma.

With education and treatment, people with asthma can lead normal, active, healthy lives. We look forward to being a part of yours.

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Ascension has a compassionate, personalized approach to Asthma Care.