Man in hospital bed talking with nurse

Specialty Care

Ascension provides compassionate hospice care at our locations and at home to ensure comfort at the end of life.

Ascension understands that the end of life is a transition. Our hospice care is designed to ensure physical, emotional and spiritual comfort during that transition.

Generally limited to the last six months of life, hospice is a type of palliative care that applies when further treatment is not possible or wanted. As hospice care begins, you receive complete support from a team of caregivers who are focused on your physical, emotional and spiritual comfort. We also assist with hospice care at home by providing medication, equipment and nurses.

During hospice care, your care team will assist you and your family in making decisions, and will give you the care you need, from pain management to spiritual support. We also assist with hospice care at home with nurse visits, medication and equipment.

At a time when you need it most, Ascension is committed to providing support with comfort, compassion and dignity.