Toddler playing with blocks.

Child life specialists at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

Child life specialists at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital are here for your child while they are in the hospital, providing support and encouragement.

Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Ascension St. VincentChild life specialists play an important role in a child’s care while they are in the hospital. Our certified child life specialists at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital are experienced in helping children and teens cope with being in the hospital. We work with doctors and care teams in the ER, radiology, blood and cancer, surgery, NICU, burn care, neurology, cardiology and more. When your child is feeling anxious about tests or procedures, our specialists can provide playful distractions to help calm your child. And if your child is staying in the hospital, we offer emotional and social support.

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Benefits of a having a certified child life specialist

As certified child life specialists, our goal is to help your child feel comfortable while they are in the hospital. We help your child and family with:

Education about conditions and procedures: Our specialists are experienced working with children in a healthcare setting. Using play, we can help explain your child's diagnosis, tests and treatments in a way they understand. We also take the time to listen to your child’s concerns and encourage them to ask questions, helping your child understand what to expect and help ease any anxious feelings. Using a unique coping plan, we can work with your child to develop coping techniques that they can use in any stressful situation.

Distraction and relaxation: Some tests or procedures can feel scary for a child. Using relaxation techniques and playful distraction methods, we can help your child focus on an activity rather than their procedure. Our goal is to help reduce your child’s stress around tests and procedures.

Therapeutic play: Play is an important part of childhood. Your child’s specialist encourages therapeutic activities that are appropriate for your child. By incorporating play into your child’s day, we help make their stay in the hospital feel normal.

Emotional support: We’re here for your child and family. Child life specialists offer emotional support to your entire family – parents, siblings and other caregivers. There are many emotions your child and family may experience. We listen and help you understand these emotions.

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