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For the comfort and stability of our patients, Ascension makes bone health and osteoporosis care a top priority through early risk assessment.

About Bone Health

With age, our bones naturally start to thin, which can put us at risk for osteoporosis, a disease that causes bones to weaken and become brittle. By taking a personalized approach to your care, Ascension care providers can help determine if you're at risk. We can show you how just a few lifestyle changes can make your bones stronger and keep you feeling your best.

Our goal is to prevent the disease from developing; however, osteoporosis — often called the silent disease — can easily go undetected in its early stages. Ascension experts perform quick and painless bone density tests to screen for loss of bone mass.

If osteoporosis is detected, our team works with you to identify your best treatment and guide you through next steps. In addition to medication, we may also recommend simple diet and exercise changes, as well as bone health supplements and vitamins.


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