Joint Services Team Improves Hip and Knee Pain

Don't let chronic hip or knee pain hold you back from an active lifestyle. Ask about our total joint care program.

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The St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton, WI, gets high patient satisfaction ratings for our joint care services. We specialize in surgical hip, knee and shoulder replacements and repair.   
Does your joint pain:

  • Keep you awake at night
  • Cause you to limp when you walk
  • Feel stiff and swollen
  • Increase your risk of falling

Get in. Get Treated. Get back to Life.

Same day appointments are available, call 920-831-8490.

Joint Camp Before Surgery

When a hip or knee replacement is recommended, Joint Camp is the next step. Our joint care educators and exercise specialists help you understand:

  • What to expect
  • How to prepare for surgery
  • What surgery and therapy will be like. 

With good communication our patients feel less anxious and better prepared for surgery. By learning together in the joint replacement journey, our patients get and give a lot of encouragement to one another.

Our Joint Services Team at St. Elizabeth Hospital has more than ten years of experience, working together to improve patient comfort and success. Our patients consistently report a higher level of function and better pain control, which results in more patients being discharged to home to continue their recovery. Recovering at St. Elizabeth Hospital, with a broad range of specialists ensures that patients with complex medical needs are given the best care possible following their joint replacement surgery.  

Modern, Family-centric Patient Rooms 

The orthopedic unit is on the 4th floor of the Fremont Tower at Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital. All rooms are roomy and comfortable, so our joint care patients can practice daily tasks before going home. Loved ones are encouraged to come and be present during physical therapy.

Follow-up Care Keeps You Moving Forward

After discharge, our care team monitors your recovery. We also partner with Home Health Care, as needed. Before you leave the hospital, we'll educate you and your family about essential home care, daily rehab exercises and incision care. 

Coordinated Shoulder Surgery and Rehab

For patients with a shoulder replacement or repair, Ascension provides coordinated care. As with all our joint replacements, the shoulder program is personalized for your needs. We help improve your range of motion and overall shoulder and arm muscle strength. 

Occupational therapists support all joint care patients, so that daily living tasks can be done safely and with confidence.

Full Spectrum of Orthopedic Services

  • Joint, tendon, and muscle injuries
  • Sports injuries in children and adults
  • Bone fractures
  • Arthritic joint pain 

Related Specialties: Non-surgical orthopedics and sports medicine services are available at Ascension Northeast Wisconsin.