Premier Joint Care for Hip, Knees and Shoulders

Our Ascension Southeast Wisconsin orthopedic care teams for hip, knee, shoulders relieve chronic pain and get you moving again.

Orthopedics and Joint Replacement

These orthopedic surgeons in Milwaukee and Racine specialize in total joint care and recovery using non-surgical treatments whenever possible. Sometimes the joint wears out from arthritis, a trauma, or other medical conditions. These knowledgeable surgeons have perfected hip, knee or shoulder replacement surgery, so the total surgical experience focuses on better joint recovery and higher patient satisfaction. Our expertise and world-class care attract patients far and wide.

What to Expect at the “Prehab” Joint Classes

If you do need surgery, our nurse educators prepare you with:

  • Personalized exercises to strengthen your body before surgery
  • Classes that cover all aspects of the treatment and follow-up care
  • Information about how to involve your family or partner in your care and recovery

Every patient is different. Sometimes living with chronic pain makes you anxious and fearful of moving forward. A sedentary approach doesn’t help your joint and overall health. Ascension doctors apply a holistic approach, treating body, mind and spirit. Talk to some of our former patients (and volunteers) for a real-time discussion about how joint replacement surgery changes your quality of life.

Managing Post-surgery Pain: Get Up and Move

While your hip, knee or shoulder joint is new to your body, healing the incision and regaining muscle strength takes time. Our doctors take an assertive approach to pain management. During the surgery, they use innovation anesthesiology protocols to minimize the need for long-term opioid pain medication. Our approach helps you manage post-surgery pain more effectively, so you can start walking and moving soon after surgery.

  • Prehab classes - Sessions are available at various locations > see events.
  • Medication management - Our orthopedic hospitalists help manage necessary medications before, during and after surgery, especially those patients with complex medical needs.
  • Physical and occupational therapy - Hours after the surgery, our therapists are on-hand to get you up and moving. The inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation options are personalized for your needs, including home health care or transitioning to an acute inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Volume Equals Outcomes

At our affiliated Ascension Southeast Wisconsin centers for orthopedic surgery, high patient satisfaction scores tell only part of the story. These doctors and their surgical teams are highly experienced and are constantly identifying ways to improve the patient’s quality of care. Our long-standing relationship with the Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (MOSH) and the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin (OHOW) give patients and families greater continuity of care and access to a wider range of orthopedic and rehab services. Both institutions are committed to the Ascension Mission to serve those in greatest need.

These orthopedic joint replacement programs continually demonstrate lower infection and blood transfusion rates, more attentive medication management, and access to therapists to help you rebuild strength and endurance.

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