St. Vincent’s Medical Center – Riverside performs more knee replacements than any other hospital in Florida.

First in US Joint Spine Centers of Excellence

St. Vincent's has four Joint Commission centers of excellence designations in hip, knee, shoulder and spine care in the Jacksonville area.

Orthopedics and Joint Replacement

Ascension St. Vincent's orthopedic expertise attracts patients far and wide for our orthopedic and joint replacement care conveniently located Jacksonville.

It’s our world-class expertise and care team that makes the difference. Not everyone needs surgery or a joint replacement. We treat the whole patient and address pain and mobility problems with non-surgical options first. When the hip, knee or shoulder does wear out, we prepare our patients for rehab classes and exercises.

During the joint replacement surgery, we have the technology to customize your new joint to the size and shape of your anatomy. After the surgery, your whole team comes to your bedside communicating in real time. Quickly, you become an active participant in Joint Camp, which helps you manage post-surgery pain and gets you walking and moving soon after surgery.

Our doctors are surgical specialists in hip, knee or shoulder replacement, but also treat all types of orthopedic injuries from bone fractures to osteoarthritis-associated conditions. Ascension St. Vincent's is also in Clay County schools helping to prevent and treat sports injuries during practice and on game days as part of our sports medicine outreach program.

Notably, Ascension St. Vincent's Orthopedic Centers of Excellence have significantly decreased opioid and narcotic use for pain management by 76 percent. Post-surgery, our patients now rank their much pain lower and more manageable. Credit for this positive change goes to our high standards of care and our team approach from beginning to end.

  • Prehab Classes -- Sessions available at each campus; sharing education, pre-surgery exercises, medication management, and the post-surgery rehabilitation routine. A customized booklet also details all the information you learn in the class.
  • Joint Camp -- Gone are the days where patients stay in bed for days after surgery. At Ascension St. Vincent's, every joint replacement patient goes to our Joint Camp. Daily you join fellow patients on the orthopedic unit for your personalized therapy and healthy lifestyle lessons.

Orthopedic Excellence Awards

Ascension St. Vincent's Healthcare has not one but four Orthopedic Centers of Excellence for hip, knee, shoulder, and spine surgery -- certified by the Joint Commission, the nation’s premier healthcare accreditation agency.

Ascension St. Vincent's Riverside

First in the region to receive Joint Commission certification in hip and knee surgery.

Ascension St. Vincent's Southside

First in the nation to have hip, knee, shoulder, and spine surgery certifications from the Joint Commission.

Ascension St. Vincent's Clay County

Awarded hip and knee replacement certifications from the Joint Commission.

Volume Equals Outcomes

For more than 20 years, we have cared for U.S. soldiers and veterans, professional athletes and adults from all walks of life. Ascension St. Vincent's Operation Walk Ministry Program brings surgical care to those in great need.

When it comes to joint replacement surgery, Ascension St. Vincent's is continuously ranked first in the state of Florida for volume. We never stop training, learning and discovering new ways to approach medicine. Our goal is to offer patients the most advanced medical and surgical treatments, specialized surgical and nursing care and personalized therapy. We are your compassionate team and want to rid you of pain and help you regain a higher quality of life. Our program continually demonstrates lower infection and blood transfusion rates, more attentive medication management, and access to therapists to help you rebuild strength and endurance.

Did you know, Ascension St. Vincent's Riverside performs more knee replacements than any hospital in Florida?

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