What to Expect on your Joint Replacement Journey

Ascension Michigan's team of Orthopedic surgeons stand by your side and provide resources to help you through your joint replacement journey.

Understanding Joint Replacement

Our Orthopedic surgeons are dedicated to providing a compassionate, personalized approach to your care. Our doctors, nurses and therapists specialize in caring for patients who undergo joint replacement surgery. From pre and post surgery education, physical therapy and ongoing support, our care teams are here every step of the way to help restore you to a higher quality of living.

Senior male enjoying the day with a bicycle ride after joint replacement surgery.

To assist with your transition from the different stages of the procedure and throughout your recovery, we provide a variety of ‘What to Expect’ resources, which include:

In addition, the following resources provide helpful tips on general to do’s, pre and post-operative exercises and how to’s:

If you have any questions prior to your joint replacement surgery, please contact your Orthopedic doctor.

We believe recovery from joint replacement surgery is a partnership. We’re counting on you to do your part by being informed and prepared, and we commit to doing ours by providing you with the compassionate, personalized orthopedic care you deserve.

Our goal is to help you live with less pain so your next step can be a leap.

Senior woman enjoys the weather by running with her husband following joint replacement surgery.