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Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Ascension gives you access to comprehensive, personalized orthopedic and sports-medicine treatments for bone and joint problems.

About Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

When your bones and joints hurt, even life's simplest movements can feel difficult or impossible. At Ascension, our multidisciplinary team of experts — including orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, sports-medicine experts and more — specializes in treatments to get you moving again.

Our highly trained staff uses the latest diagnostic technology to pinpoint your injury or disability and create a personalized treatment plan that often begins with nonsurgical options.

When you and your care team determine that surgery is the best option for you, we offer the most advanced procedures, such as total or partial hip, knee or shoulder replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery, rotator cuff surgery and carpal tunnel surgery. Our post-injury assessments can help guide your recovery, so you can enjoy full mobility and even return to your favorite sport.

Through extensive experience and a dedication to your recovery, Ascension provides high-quality care in a friendly, welcoming environment.

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