Neonatal Intensive Care Onsite

St. Vincent's Southside has a Level II NICU for premature infants needing intensive care.

St Vincent's Level II NICU

Every expectant mother hopes for a safe and uneventful delivery, but sometimes a newborn, especially one born too early, will need special care. Our Level II neonatal intensive care units specialize in continuing the parent-child bonding experience even though your little one is getting special newborn medical care.

The NICU has a diverse care team with access to pediatric sub-specialists. Neonatologists direct and supervise your baby's care. These doctors specialized in newborn medicine, especially those born pre-term. Our staff is onsite 24/7 and includes neonatal nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, dietitians, and social workers. Intensive monitoring and procedures are available to manage breathing, eating and swallowing difficulties.

Our physical therapists evaluate your baby’s muscle tone, strength and reflexes. The entire is here to educate you about your baby's needs and bridge the transition from the NICU to home.

Private NICU Suites at Southside

Ascension St. Vincent’s Medical Center Southside is the first NICU in Northeast Florida with private neonatal intensive care unit suites for every infant. The newborn gets the intensive care he needs, while the parents can be with their baby in a comfortable, quiet setting. Our low-light environment includes a sofa sleeper and recliner, mini-frig, breast milk warmer, and WI-FI. Showers, a family waiting room and a comfort room with reflection space is close-by. We also have private suites for twins and triplets. This enhanced NICU experience is made possible by the generous gift of Mary Virginia Terry.

Research shows a single-room model of infant care in the NICU decreases complications, improves weight gain and shortens the hospital stay for the infant. Ascension St. Vincent’s Medical Center Southside has a national recognition for being a Baby Friendly Hospital by Baby Friendly USA.

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