Delivering the experience every mom hopes for

In Northeastern Oklahoma, Ascension St. John OB-GYN care teams believe in family-centered childbirth and personalized women's health services.

Your team for pregnancy and birth

Schedule an appointment with an OB-GYN doctor. To take a maternity tour, call 918-744-0123.

At Ascension St. John, our OB-GYN care teams deliver compassionate, personalized women’s health.

  • Pregnancy, prenatal care and a personalized birth experience
  • High-risk pregnancy care and neonatal intensive care
  • Postpartum breastfeeding support
  • Well-woman physicals and breast health services at any age
  • Minimally invasive gynecologic procedures
  • Managing menopause symptoms and pelvic health concerns

Our OB-GYNs work with you so you can decide what healthcare options are best for you and your family. We listen to understand your health concerns and educate you. Ascension St. John has a network of doctors who focus on women's health.

Pregnancy and birth

Are you pregnant? We work with you to stay on track with your prenatal care and childbirth education classes. Our experienced doctors specialize in all types of pregnancies, including high-risk pregnancies and specialty care for newborns. Together we work with you to create a labor and deliver plan that is compassionate, personalized and right for you and your baby.

  • Always ready: our care teams provide 24-7 OB, anesthesia and neonatal doctors.
  • Our pediatric specialists are on-call
  • Hospital maternity care teams partner with other departments to provide a mobile team for critical care delivery when mom or baby need advanced care [code: Neonate on Alert Hurry (NOAH)].

Our doctors and care team specialize in high-risk pregnancy care and include maternal-fetal medicine doctors, genetic counseling, and perinatal palliative care. Ascension St. John Tulsa is a critical care transport center with a level III NICU. We care for all type of complex conditions including:

  • Pregnancy and diabetes with glycemic monitoring
  • High blood pressure and other health concerns
  • Fetal distress conditions
  • Pregnancy affected by smoking or opioid use
  • Deliver twins or triplets
  • Risk of premature birth

Family-centered birthing rooms

We deliver homelike comforts throughout the birth experience. Our full-size couches convert into a twin bed for your partner. For women having a cesearean section, our OR suite is on the maternity unit. Natural vaginal birth options include the support of a doula, massage, bath tubs, aromatherapy, birthing balls, squatting bars, peanut balls and telemetry monitoring.

Our nurses and breastfeeding support team prepares you for what to expect when you take your baby home. At Ascension St. John, we know that a healthy mom helps grow a healthy baby. Talk to your St. John Clinic OB-GYN for additional information about women's health services including:

  • Adolescent gynecology
  • Pelvic health and care options from the OB-GYN, urogynecologist and our physical therapists
  • Gynecologic oncology for ovarian, cervical and other female reproductive cancers

To make an appointment with an OB-GYN doctor or take a maternity tour, call Ascension St. John Pulseline 918-744-0123.