Stroke care, close to home

Ascension Saint Thomas Telestroke Network provides a way for patients to see a stroke care specialist close to home.

Telestroke Network

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Ascension Saint Thomas doctors specializing in stroke medicine deliver high-quality care to patients in other communities. We offer neurological and neurovascular assessments of patient with stroke-like symptoms using state of the art technology, including the ability to visualize brain images. 

Utilizing audiovisual technology and broadband wireless internet our team of stroke specialists work with affiliate sites to remotely examine patients, recommend diagnostic tests and discuss treatment decisions with medical staff patients and their families.

Our telemedicine programs are conducted using HIPAA compliant software programs. Your information is secure and only you, your stroke care doctor and the onsite care team can view and hear any information exchanged during your Telestroke encounter. 

How does it work?

The patient will go to their local hospital or clinic for their appointment. After checking in at the front desk, the patient will be taken to an exam room outfitted with telehealth equipment. A nurse or medical assistant will attend the appointment to serve as the “hands” for the specialist. Before the video session begins, the nurse or medical assistant will enter the patient’s medical history, current vitals, and any complaints into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to be viewed by the specialist. The patient will then be entered into a “virtual waiting room” to allow the physician time to review the record. Once the physician is ready, he or she can begin the appointment immediately.

What is the specialist able to view?

With the use of high-definition video cameras, specialists are able to not only see the full view of a patient, but they are also able to zoom in to view a tiny hair follicle if necessary. Because the picture is shown on a large screen, the specialists are often able to have a bigger, clearer view with the cameras than with the naked eye. The specialist is also able to take still shots and save the pictures to be used as a reference in the future.

Why use telehealth or telemedicine?

Patients often have to travel a great distance to have an appointment with a specialist. The trip can not only be expensive, but also involve other family members for transportation. By providing telemedicine services, patients are able to save time and money, while still receiving the same quality care.

Is it safe to use?

Telemedicine is conducted using HIPAA compliant software programs, meaning that no one is able to view or hear any information that is exchanged over the video conference, except the physician, the nurse or medical assistant, and the patient.