Neurology Expertise for Crippling Headaches

Ascension Southeast Wisconsin brain and spine care includes Headache Centers for migraines and all types of headaches or brain-related illnesses.

Headache Centers in WI

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To learn more, call 414-325-2243 to make an appointment at an Ascension Headache Center.

When headaches affect your work, sleep patterns or behaviors, Ascension board-certified neurologists and headache pain specialists have answers. The Ascension Wisconsin Headache Centers in Milwaukee and Franklin help children and adults with crippling migraines, nagging cluster or tension headaches, even vague but persistent head pain. As part of Ascension, we also have neuroscience specialists diagnosing and treating rare brain abnormalities.

Pinpointing the Cause of Your Headache

Does excruciating head pain prevent you from working and enjoying life? We take the time you need to determine the cause and triggers of your headache. We watchful of the sudden, abrupt onset of intense head pain. Know these red flags and seek immediate medical attention for serious head pain.

S.N.O.O.P =

  • Systemic causes – fever, chills, weight loss
  • Neurologic – weakness, difficulty speaking
  • Onset – Abrupt and quick
  • Older age (after 50)
  • Prior history of headaches

Diagnostic Expertise at Ascension Headache Centers

Our neurologists are highly skilled yet very compassionate. Your care team at our centers in Milwaukee and Franklin include a neurologist specializing in headaches, dietitian, nurse practitioner, psychologist, and physical therapist.

Headaches fall into two categories:

  • Primary – Migraine, tension, cluster
  • Secondary -- brain, spine, jaw and shoulder abnormalities, nervous system disorders, disease and infection (including sinus)

The World Health Organization identifies migraines as one of the top five disabling diseases among women. Our daily routine, repetitive movements, diet, stress and posture contribute to headache triggers, including migraines.

At the Headache Center, we create a personalized care plan that starts with a thorough evaluation and medical history. Pain is the primary complaint, but we also seek to understand how these headaches disable you from doing daily activities. It’s helpful if you keep a list of headache events and potential triggers.

Ashley Holdridge, DO"I have seen how crippling and life-altering headaches can be not only for the patient, but also the whole family. By taking a multifaceted treatment approach, we provide patients with a variety of tools and coping skills, giving them a sense of control over their ailment that is often lost."

Ashley Holdridge, DO, board-certified neurologist, Medical Director, Ascension SE Wisconsin Headache Centers. See what Dr. Holdridge says about headaches >

What to Expect

Ascension’s brain and spine doctors represent a large network of services throughout Ascension Wisconsin. When you need blood tests or medical images, we offer services close to home. Our doctors use X-ray, MRI or CT brain scans, and nerve and brain function tests to identify conditions that may be causing your pain and symptoms.

We communicate closely with your primary care doctor for your total health and well-being.

At Ascension Headache Centers, we offer many treatment options, including Botox® injections, medication management, physical therapy, stress management, and diet and lifestyle coaching. Educating you and your family is an important component of our program’s success.

We know you are hurting. Our patient-focused care team gives you tools to manage your pain by:

  • Avoiding known triggers
  • Following a sleep schedule
  • Giving you access to innovative treatments and therapies
  • Identifying the best environment to rest when a headache occurs
  • Making lifestyle adjustments to your diet and daily exercise
  • Managing medications and side effects
  • Using our stress management and relaxation techniques

We'll work with you to make sure you understand your care plan heal mind, body, and spirit.