Helping you find the root cause of your condition

Working together, we help you treat and manage your condition efficiently to improve your quality of life.

Dizziness Balance and Falls Clinic

Although most adults experience dizziness and balance disorders at some point in their lives, the root cause can be very difficult to diagnose, which can make treatment difficult.

At our Dizziness, Balance and Falls Clinic, we strive to help those who live with dizziness and balance disorders fully understand their diagnosis and treatment options.  Our experts work with you, your primary care physician, and other specialists to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.  Our clinic also offers state-of-the-art diagnostic balance labs to more accurately assess disorders. 

Working together, our goals are to help you manage your condition as effectively as possible and improve your quality of life.  While most patients return to their primary care physician or neurologist for ongoing care, the clinic is always there to support you and your team.

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