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Medication Therapy Management

Ascension's medication therapy management program can help ensure that your prescriptions, supplements and vitamins work together for your health.

About Medication Therapy Management

About one-half of all prescriptions are taken incorrectly, leading to side effects and potentially dangerous drug interactions. Ascension's expert pharmacists can help you take control of your prescriptions with medication management services. With our support, you can be sure your medications, supplements and vitamins only do what they're meant to do: make you feel better.

First, we work with you to assemble a complete list of your medications and remove those that have expired; this helps us create an important updated guide for emergency care physicians. An Ascension pharmacist then meets with you to review all your medications and supplements, and to confirm they are appropriate, safe and effective. Finally, our team collaborates with your other healthcare providers to coordinate dosages, prescriptions and other medications.

With ongoing support to manage your medications and ensure they're effective, we look forward to helping you make your medications work for you.


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