Expertise in Reconstructive Ankle and Foot Surgery

Our podiatrists are experienced surgeons who do all types of podiatric surgery, including rear foot and ankle reconstructive surgery.

Providing Podiatry Ankle Surgery in Northeast Wisconsin

Using innovative ankle replacement procedures and cartilage implantation, the podiatrists at Ascension Northeast Wisconsin in Appleton, Neenah and Oshkosh, are restoring mobility in adults of all ages.

For more information about podiatry services and reconstruction surgical options at St. Elizabeth Hospital and Mercy Hospital for the foot (toes and heel), ankle or lower leg, call 920-996-3700.


Chronic ankle sprains, foot stress fractures, and lower leg shin splints, as well as foot issues like bunions and hammertoes, are daily conditions treated by our podiatrists. For diabetic patients with a foot ulcer, we provide treatments that promote advanced wound healing. At the three Fox Valley offices, we care for all types of foot care conditions, including complex foot ulcers and major trauma to the foot, ankle and lower leg. Diagnostic imaging is onsite for the convenience of the patients. Digital X-rays and ultrasound imaging is routinely used to diagnose a foot, ankle or lower leg condition affecting the ligaments, bones and joints.

We recognize that each person we treat is a unique individual, with specific concerns, just like each person has a unique footprint. At Ascension we focus on personalized and compassionate podiatry care for children and adults.

Performing Total Ankle Replacements

Different forms of arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and post-traumatic arthritis) can deteriorate the ankle joint and cause loss of mobility and chronic pain. When medication and physical therapies are unsuccessful, a surgical option may be considered.

Several types of joint reconstruction procedures are available at Ascension Northeast Wisconsin:

  • Ankle Fusion:  the range of motion is restricted to reduce weight-bearing pain.
  • Total Ankle Replacement:  Our podiatrists have the experience and special training to perform this surgical procedure and provide complete follow-up care and rehabilitation

Big Toe Arthritic and Heel Pain-relieving Options

For adults suffering from big toe arthritis, implanting Cartiva synthetic cartilage in the toe joint preserves the ability to move the toe and reduces pain. This procedure is an alternative to fusing the joint, which limits range of motion. Our podiatry services provide many types of treatment plans for all types of foot pain.

We also provide a full spectrum of heel pain treatments. Ultrasound-guided injections (Tenex, Topaz) in the toe and heel are done in the clinic. Our patients experience coordinated care with your primary care doctor for better health and well-being. If you have a complex medical condition, being at Ascension gives you access to many specialists. Our podiatrists are part of a team approach to care that often includes the vascular surgeon, interventional cardiologist, infection and disease specialist, and wound care specialist.

Foot Care Consults

We also provide consults and coordinated care with other specialists treating patients with weight-bearing foot pain, for example:

  • Bariatric patients experiencing foot stress fractures
  • Athletes with shin splints and foot pain
  • Newborns and children born with foot-related congenital defects affecting growth and development
  • Occupational work-related injury to the foot or ankle

Orthotic Therapy

Our Madison St. Clinic offers a full-service orthotic department and a customized approach to footwear accessories. Foot and ankle braces are made for each person’s unique needs. Different orthotics are used to treat:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint problems in the forefoot
  • Stress fractures and Achilles tendonitis

Orthotics and footwear recommendations are also personalized for different environments such as rehab following a work-related injury, school or sport, or recreational use.

Physical therapists and athletic trainers are also onsite at the Ascension Medical Group Madison Street Clinic to provide foot care therapies as prescribed by the podiatrist. Aquatic therapy is also available to patients who need to observe weight-bearing restrictions while meeting daily and weekly rehab goals.