Our team approach to diabetes care

At Ascension Saint Thomas, our diabetes and education care teams help you manage challenging symptoms and diabetes-related health conditions.

Diabetes at Ascension Saint Thomas

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Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown 

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Nashville, TN 37203 

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Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford 

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For persons with diabetes dealing with daily challenges, swings in blood sugar levels, health complications, and ever changing energy levels, the diabetes care team at Ascension Saint Thomas delivers compassionate personalized care.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Programs designed for individuals with Type 1, Type 2 and pre-diabetes.
  • Programs designed for pregnant women with gestational diabetes or pre-existing diabetes.
  • Educational team that includes registered nurses and registered dietitian-nutritionists who are Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists.
  • Educational classes and individual appointments with required referral by primary care provider and pre-registration.
  • Free blood glucose screening by appointment.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes not only impacts your diet but can also play a part in your blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress level. If not taken care of, diabetes can lead to much more serious, even life-threatening, conditions. At the Diabetes Centers of Ascension Saint Thomas Health accredited through the American Diabetes Association, we provide helpful resources including educational classes and individual appointments on how to manage your diabetes. Our specially trained care team of registered nurses and dietitian-nutritionists educates and supports you. Together, we help you attain your personal nutrition, exercise and weight loss goals, and learn how to perform your daily diabetes care tasks.

Diabetes in pregnancy

If you are pregnant and have pre-existing or gestational diabetes, attending diabetes education is essential. Obtaining knowledge will help you control your diabetes and have healthier outcomes for you and your baby. Diabetes in Pregnancy education is provided in small group classes or individual sessions when appropriate.

Furthermore, your provider may choose for the diabetes clinicians to monitor and manage your blood glucoses throughout your pregnancy, and medication may be needed to achieve target blood glucose levels.  

  • Education and Nutrition.
  • Management and Medication Initiation.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy.
  • Postpartum Follow-up

A referral from your provider is required prior to appointment registration.


For more information, contact the location nearest you. Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown: (615) 284-2800 or Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford: (615)396-6123.





For more information, contact the location nearest you: Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown: (615) 284-2800 or Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford: (615)396-6123.