Educational support for a heart healthy life

The Ascension Wisconsin cardiovascular care team is here to provide educational support to help you live your healthiest life.

Heart and vascular health education at Ascension Wisconsin

At Ascension Wisconsin, our cardiologists and care teams offer many heart and vascular services, including:

Educational cardiovascular video series

Our heart care team believes education is key to help prevent heart issues and maintain your heart health. The following videos provide answers to common heart and vascular related questions.

When do I need to see a cardiologist?
Rob Roth, MD explains when you should talk with a cardiologist.

What is AFib?
Charles Lanzarotti, MD explains the treatment options for AFib and ways to decrease the risk of having a stroke.

What is a leaky heart valve?
Brad Stair, MD explains what a leaky heart valve is, how it is diagnosed, and what type of treatments are available.

What are the risk factors for heart disease in women?
Noa Holoshitz, MD explains the risk factors and symptoms of heart disease in women and steps they can take to prevent heart disease.