Expertise in Pulmonary Hypertension

The Providence Heart Institute specialists provide advanced treatments for pulmonary hypertension.

Providence Heart Institute Pulmonary

The Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic at Providence Heart Institute in Southfield, MI, provides access to clinical trials and innovative therapies, including vasodilator therapy. When the small arteries to the lungs get blocked, your lung and heart function usually gets worse over time. Our doctors have the expertise to diagnose and treat all types of pulmonary hypertension. They are also medical researchers and participate in national and international clinical studies. For more information or an appointment,
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Researchers Report Findings Showing Improved Outcomes

Dr. Rana Awdish and Dr. Sara Hebag are internationally recognized pulmonary and critical care specialists participating in research studies about pulmonary hypertension.  

Rana Lee Adawi Awdish, M.D.
Dr. Awdish’s mandate is to improve the patient experience. As a national speaker and educator about pulmonary hypertension, Dr. Awdish is a published author of many original research papers and a contributor to medical textbooks. 

Sara Hegab, MD
Research interest includes improving quality and safety of care for patients with pulmonary hypertension and the management of lung disease and critical illness. 

To find out if a clinical trial may benefit your care plan, contact these doctors. They are part of a team approach that includes your primary care doctor, and specialists in rheumatology and heart and lung care. We provide compassionate expertise with consistent communication to all doctors involved in your care.

Many types of lung and heart disease may be complicated by pulmonary arterial hypertension, including right-sided heart failure without left-sided systolic or diastolic dysfunction. This condition also impacts patients at risk for rheumatology disorders, HIV, liver disease, sickle cell disease, thyroid disorders, or congenital heart disease.

Five Groups Categorize Pulmonary Hypertension

We evaluate and treat all types of pulmonary hypertension as recognized by the World Health Organization.

Group 1 – Portopulmonary hypertension, congenital heart disease, connective tissue disease, and idiopathic PAH
Group 2 – Left heart disease or valvular disease 
Group 3 PH –Some types of emphysema and interstitial lung disease. 
Group 4 –CTEPH caused by chronic pulmonary emboli*

*This condition may be surgically treated with endarterectomy. For patients with surgically inaccessible disease, advanced vasodilator therapy is available.
Group 5 PH – Sarcoidosis 

Each group involves different treatments and potential participation in clinical trials. Our doctors treat the underlying cause of pulmonary hypertension and identify the most appropriate treatments based on the type and cause of hypertension.  During the appointment, we evaluate symptoms, risk factors, and create personalized treatment plans. Early detection is our priority, but we also provide progressive therapies for patients with complex conditions. 

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive pulmonary function testing
  • Chest X-ray
  • MRI/CT
  • Ventilation perfusion scan (nuclear medicine) to look for blood clots it the lung
  • Echocardiogram
  • Six-minute walk
  • Pulmonary rehab
  • Diagnostic sleep studies
  • Medication management