Regional leaders in heart transplant and VAD

Our Ascension St. Vincent heart failure specialists and cardiac transplant program delivers a full spectrum of care in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Cardiac Transplant Program

For more information on our cardiac transplant and VAD services, please call 317-338-6499.

The St. Vincent Heart Center Cardiac Transplant team does more heart transplant surgeries and VAD procedures than any other heart care system in Indiana. We have a long history of delivering exceptional heart care. Since 1987 our cardiac transplant team has been restoring heart function and quality of life for patients with advanced heart failure. As importantly, we do that with a caring spirit.

VAD is a bridge to cardiac transplant or destination therapy. There are more people waiting for heart transplants than there are available hearts. Some patients are not transplant candidates because of their age or their current health. For these patients, a VAD or heart pump is an option.

The purpose of the VAD is to improve quality of life, by helping the heart pump blood to the rest of the body. By increasing blood flow to other organs, the function of these organs may improve. In addition, patients who were not considered transplant candidates before may become transplant candidates after implant.

To make sure a heart transplant or ventricular assist device (VAD) is the best treatment for you, we must complete an evaluation including tests, procedures, physician visits, and a review of your case by our selection committee. The evaluation process can be very stressful for patients and family members, which is why a coordinator will be assigned to help guide you through each step. The transplant/ VAD team members will work together with you to determine the right treatment for you. This may include a VAD, a transplant or continued medical management. In some cases, patients may need a VAD before a transplant. Your coordinator and cardiologist will discuss the decision with you and help you with the next step.

St. Vincent Heart Center is also actively involved in VAD and Transplant clinical trials at the St. Vincent Cardiovascular Research Institute. These research studies directly benefit our cardiovascular patients.

For more information on our cardiac transplant and VAD services, please call 317-338-6499.