Cancer care team for hepatobiliary diseases

Hepatobiliary specialists at Ascension Wisconsin provide personalized care for cancer and other diseases of the liver, gallbladder and bile duct.

Hepatobiliary cancer care at Ascension Wisconsin

FOR PATIENTS: Hepatobiliary Clinic: 414-298-7133

FOR PHYSICIANS: Hepatobiliary patient navigator: 414-298-7156

Our hepatobiliary program brings cancer specialists together

At Ascension Wisconsin, we have a cancer care team for hepatobiliary diseases. This includes surgeons, gastroenterologists, hepatologists, oncologists, pathologists, and diagnostic and interventional radiologists working together to deliver personalized care that’s right for you. Our patient navigators and social workers are here to help coordinate your appointments and answer your questions.

Prior to your hepatobiliary clinic appointment, we review your test results and medical records from the doctors involved in your care. Our coordinated approach helps to deliver timely treatments and cancer support services.

Your personalized treatment plan is created by experienced cancer specialists and reviewed at our multidisciplinary cancer conference. Our Ascension Wisconsin network of cancer care offers convenient sites of care close to home. Patient navigators assist with scheduling appointments and provide essential education about your treatment plan. We work with you and your family to deliver compassionate, supportive care.

Care for liver, bile duct and gallbladder conditions

Our doctors and care team diagnose and treat abdominal cancers and other hepatic diseases, including:

Hepatobiliary treatments and therapies

Surgery: Our dedicated hepatobiliary surgeons offer many treatments to precisely remove tumors and help improve your recovery after surgery. Surgical techniques may include intraoperative ultrasound, minimally invasive liver surgery, two-stage liver resections, combined liver resection and microwave ablation, and enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) care pathways.

Liver-directed therapies: Interventional radiologists offer state-of-the-art treatments including percutaneous microwave ablation of liver tumors, percutaneous transhepatic catheterization for biliary tumors and strictures, and transarterial chemoembolization and radioembolization for liver cancers.

Endoscopic treatments: Gastroenterologists perform endoscopic ultrasound for tumor biopsies and advanced endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) techniques to treat biliary strictures.

Radiation therapy: Using precise mapping strategies, radiation oncologists treat liver and biliary tumors with high-dose external beam radiation. The shape of the radiation beam conforms to the shape of the tumor to reduce the radiation exposure to healthy tissue.

Chemotherapy, anti-biologic therapy and immunotherapy: Our medical oncologists provide treatments following national and international guidelines. Our medical oncologists also refer qualified candidates to our Ascension Research clinical trial coordinator in Wisconsin.

Meet our team of hepatobiliary specialists

Interventional Radiologists

Cancer care clinical trials

Ascension Wisconsin cancer centers participate in ongoing clinical trials. To learn more about our clinical trials, contact the Ascension Wisconsin Research Institute by calling 414-635-6420 or emailing