Cancer is personal, so is the way we treat it

At Ascension Michigan, we start by listening to you. Then, we deliver the cancer care that's right for you.

Cancer care in Michigan


Helping detect cancer early

Getting regular screenings may help find cancer early, when it is most treatable. There may be more options for treatment too. We offer convenient diagnostic imaging tests, including low-dose CT lung scans, mammograms, colonoscopies and many other preventive health screenings.

Woman with cancer speaks with her doctor.
  • In your 20s: Women should begin getting regular Pap exams and clinical breast exams.
  • In your 30s: Women should continue getting regular clinical breast exams. They should begin getting HPV tests in addition to Pap exams.
  • In your 40s: Women should begin getting regular mammograms, in addition to HPV tests and Pap exams. At age 45, both men and women should start talking with their doctor about colorectal cancer screenings.
  • 50 and older: Women should continue getting regular mammograms, colorectal cancer screenings, HPV tests and Pap exams or as recommended by their doctor. Men should continue getting regular colorectal cancer screenings and start discussing prostate screenings with their provider. Men and women who previously smoked heavily or who have smoked cigarettes within the past 15 years should talk with their doctor about an annual low-dose CT screening for lung cancer. Older individuals should consult with their doctor about other screening tests.

We make staying up-to-date on routine screenings as convenient as possible with extended hours and locations across Michigan. Ask your doctor about the cancer screenings that are right for you. Be sure to check with your insurance provider so that you are informed regarding your coverage for screening and preventive care services.


Advanced cancer care close to home

At Ascension Michigan, our cancer care teams are beside you from diagnosis through recovery. Your multispecialty care team may include medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, oncology-certified nurses, educators, genetic counselors, palliative care specialists, dietitians, and rehabilitation therapists. We work with you to deliver a care plan that's right for you.

Ask about virtual care (e.g, telehealth or online) appointments for your first consultation and as part of your ongoing care. You can have these virtual visits from the comfort of your home. You'll be able to talk with your doctor one-on-one via video from your phone or computer and get the care that's right for you.

Lung cancer

The Ascension Michigan Lung Cancer Program delivers advanced care for those with lung cancer, mesotheliomas, thymomas and other chest (thoracic) cancers.


Breast cancer

Every breast cancer journey is different. We will be by your side, to deliver care that's right for you. And, you can get care close to home, with locations across Michigan.


Colorectal and GI cancer

We take a comprehensive, multispecialty approach to diagnosing and treating cancers of the colon and gastrointestinal tracts.


Head and neck cancer

Your health is our priority. We care for those with head and neck and skull-based cancers using advanced surgical and radiation techniques.


Blood cancer

From diagnosis through recovery — we're here for you. We deliver advanced care for blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.


Gynecological cancer

Every woman is different. We take a personalized approach to treating gynecological cancers such as uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer.


Pediatric cancer

We know you want the best care possible for your child — we do too. We provide advanced care for children and adolescents with blood disorders and cancer.


Prostate cancer

From screenings and diagnosing prostate cancer through treatment and recovery — our team is here to provide the care that's right for you.


Skin cancer

Cancer care teams at Ascension Michigan are here for you. We're ready to provide advanced care for skin cancers such as melanoma and carcinomas.


Get a second opinion at Ascension Michigan

There's a lot to think about when you're facing a cancer diagnosis and deciding on a treatment plan. If you're looking for a second opinion, Ascension Michigan is here for you. We help match you with the right specialist. Getting a second opinion not only provides more information about your condition, but it may also help you feel more confident in the doctor and the care plan you choose.

Ask if a virtual visit is an option for your second opinion consultation.


Benefits of our cancer care approach

When you choose Ascension Michigan for your cancer care, you get doctors who involve you in making decisions and an entire team that is with you throughout your cancer journey. We take a compassionate, personalized approach to cancer care.

  • Compassionate medical oncology: We work together to deliver medication therapies that are right for you, close to home and at convenient locations.
  • A team dedicated to tumor care: Patients will have a multidisciplinary team of specialists who work together to help find the best possible way to treat complex and rare cancers.
  • Experienced surgical teams: Advanced surgical techniques, including minimally invasive robotic surgery, are used to remove as much cancer as possible while saving healthy tissue.
  • Precision radiation therapy: Innovative care technologies and experienced radiation oncologists help in the precise delivery of radiation therapy.
  • Clinical trials: Research studies and clinical trials can give you the opportunity to receive advanced treatments. Your doctor can help you decide if a clinical trial is right for you.
  • Genetic cancer testing and counseling: Genetic counselors specialize in genetic testing and counseling. If you are high-risk or have a family history of cancer, we deliver cancer genetic testing and counseling to help you and your doctor better understand your risk for certain types of cancer. Find a location.
  • Support programs: We provide nutrition education, counseling and spiritual care for a complete approach to cancer care. And, our Healing Arts Centers offers patients and family members a full spectrum of health practices, such as massage, guided imagery, reflexology, yoga, and art therapy to heal the whole person.

Stories of hope

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