Comprehensive breast cancer program

Ascension Saint Thomas Cancer Care offers a comprehensive program for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Ascension Saint Thomas Breast Cancer Treatment

For more information about our cancer program, please call 615-284-CARE (2273).

We offer a full range of the most advanced treatment options. Our multidisciplinary team of surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists collaborate to provide an individualized treatment plan that is right for you. Married, single, mother, daughter, sister, neice, grandmother, granddaughter — if you know that there is family history for breast cancer, talk to your doctor about your breast health and risk factors.

We tailor care for you at every stage of life.

Breast screening options and diagnostic imaging

Early cancer detection can dramatically improve chances of survival, and at Ascension Saint Thomas, our doctors and women's health care teams recommend:

  • Annual mammography screenings begin at age 40.
  • Women of all ages perform monthly self-breast examinations. You know your body. Be aware of changes in the look or feel of your breasts, including lumps, swollen areas, nipple discharge or bleeding.
  • Women with a family history of breast cancer and/or ovarian cancer may benefit from additional imaging and genetic testing.

A total approach to breast imaging

We provide 3D mammography, the most advanced breast screening technology. **Make sure to select 3D screening when scheduling your appointment online. If you have any questions or need help with the online scheduling tool, call the number for one of these Ascension hospital and breast imaging centers(*):

Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown, 615-284-5000

Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital West, 615-284-3456

Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford, 615-896-1234

Ascension Saint Thomas Dekalb, 615-215-5310

 Ascension Saint Thomas Highlands, 931-738-4190

 Ascension Saint Thomas River Park , 931-815-4485

Ascension Saint Thomas Stones River, 615-563-7251

**You do not need a doctor's order to schedule a mammogram.

At Ascension Saint Thomas our breast imaging centers are ACR, NAPBC, and NQMBC certified.


Understanding the difference between 2D and 3D mammograms

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3D mammography is a painless, diagnostic imaging test, and is especially effective when a woman has a higher breast density ratio. 3D mammography can be done in conjunction with a traditional 2D digital mammogram.

During the 3D part of the exam, the X-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over your breast, taking multiple breast images. Then, a computer produces a 3D image of your breast tissue in one millimeter slices, providing a high-def image for the breast radiologist to interpret. 3D mammograms help improve early breast cancer detection and reduce the need for follow-up imaging by up to 40 percent

Will insurance cover my mammogram?

Health insurance plans generally cover annual routine screening mammograms. Please ensure you schedule your next screening mammogram 12 months and a day after your previous mammogram. If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, call 615-284-4666.

At Ascension Saint Thomas Health, we strive to provide our patients with access to convenient mammography and education about breast health and cancer risk factors.

For more information about our cancer program, please call 615-284-CARE (2273).