Cancer Wellness and Survivorship Programs

At Ascension Via Christi, the supportive cancer care we deliver helps you take control of your long-term health.

Cancer Survivor Support

The Ascension Via Christi cancer exercise and wellness program helps patients build strength to fight the physical and emotional stress of cancer. This program is available as part of your inpatient care at Ascension Via Christi Cancer Institute or as a long-term option at the Ascension Via Christi Cancer Center before, during and after treatment.

Patients receive individualized exercise sessions with a clinical exercise physiologist certified in cancer exercises. Research has proven that exercise is safe and beneficial during and after cancer treatment. An exercise and wellness program can be helpful in fighting the negative effects of treatment.

Benefits can include:

  • Increasing energy levels and lessening of fatigue
  • Improving stress management and coping skills
  • Reducing pain and increasing pain tolerance
  • Improving your tolerance for chemotherapy
  • Strengthening your immune system and decreasing of risk of infection
  • Increasing overall strength, endurance and balance
  • Improving your nutrition and overall quality of life

For more information about the Cancer Wellness Program at Ascension Via Christi, call 316-268-6851.