Michigan Lymph Node Transplantation

Ascension Michigan offers lymph node transplantation for patients seeking specialize breast cancer treatment.

Michigan Lymph Node Transplantation

Lymph node transplantation is a relatively new technique for addressing lymphoma.  Treatment consists of placing new lymph nodes in the area that is not functioning well. Once in the new location, the lymph nodes help drain the lymphatic fluid that is accumulating and causing discomfort.

Lymphedema can result from the treatment of breast cancer, especially when the lymph nodes and lymphatic structures are removed or damaged.  As a first line of treatment, Ascension offers certified lymphedema therapists, including physical and occupational therapists, who can evaluate the area, identify treatment goals, and provide individual treatment.

Ascension surgeon Dr. Rebecca Studinger has special expertise in lymph node transplantation.  Trained at Providence Hospital in Southfield Michigan, Dr. Studinger obtained additional microsurgical training working with Dr. Robert Allen, a pioneer in perforator flap breast reconstruction. She also trained in France for lymphatic reconstruction.

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