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Breast health — an important part of your life.

About Breast Health

It’s easy to find excuses to put off a regular breast exam. But your breast health is important. That’s why Ascension’s OB-GYN doctors and care teams are here for you, providing personalized breast care throughout your life.

Breast cancer screening and beyond

Taking charge of your breast health means making a breast exam part of your health routine. Often, it can be part of your regular OB-GYN checkup. Your screening may include a breast exam by your doctor, a digital mammogram and breast ultrasounds. Ascension breast care specialists can help you learn proactive steps to keep your breasts healthy.

Our compassionate approach to your care begins with getting to know you, learning about your health history and discussing any concerns you may have. Together, we’ll create a care plan designed for you.

Comprehensive, personalized breast care

Breast cancer prevention — while certainly important — isn’t the only reason for breast exams. We can diagnose and treat a range of breast conditions including:

  • Breast lumps.
  • Cysts.
  • Mastitis or breast inflammation.
  • Painful breasts.

We’ll take the time to help you fully understand your diagnosis and explain any next steps. We can connect you with other Ascension specialists, if advanced treatments are necessary.

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