Medical oncology leaders in blood cancers

At Ascension St. Vincent cancer centers in Indiana, adult and pediatric oncologists lead our care team specializing in blood cancers.

Blood cancers and blood disorders


Blood disorders in children and adults are diagnosed and treated by hematologists, medical oncologists and internal medicine specialists. Conditions include: Anemia, ITF, infections and blood cancers (leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma).

The Ascension St. Vincent Infusion Centers in coordination with Ascension St. Vincent Cancer Centers, and Ascension St. Vincent Peyton Manning Children’s Center for Childhood Cancers and Blood Diseases in Indianapolis, provides teenagers, and adults of all ages high quality, patient-centered care for a blood cancer or blood condition.

Our compassionate infusion therapy care team administers medications through an IV to treat skin, soft tissue, wounds,  genitourinary conditions, and pulmonary infections. Infusion therapy may be used for post-surgical and device-related infections to the heart, bones, and brain. Chemotherapy is a type of infusion therapy to treat cancer and is coordinated by your medical oncologist.

Blood cancer care

At Ascension St. Vincent, board-certified hematologists and medical oncologists are cancer care specialists highly experienced in diagnosing and treating adult blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.

By working together, our care teams deliver care that is right for you from chemotherapy to other forms of oral and infusion cancer-fighting drugs. Our medical oncology care teams personalize your care and compassionately help manage symptoms and pain.

We provide extensive supportive care services to you and your family and coordinate all aspects of the cancer care team efforts with patient navigators and long-term follow-up.

At Ascension St. Vincent, our cancer care approach blends state-of-the-art chemotherapy and infusion facilities with a high degree of onco-pharmaceutical experience. Every medical oncology chemotherapy session is specific to your needs at that point in the treatment cycle.

Chemotherapy is a systemic therapy which means the chemo drug circulates through the bloodstream destroying abnormal cells and stops these cells from dividing. These drugs are very strong and work best on cells that are rapidly dividing.

Intravenous (IV) infusion is the most common form of chemotherapy followed by oral medication therapy. In all cases, chemotherapy is closely monitored by the medical oncology team, so that symptoms and pain can be managed most effectively.

There are many types of cancer drugs for different types of cancer. The medical oncologists work closely with oncology trained pharmacists to develop a medication regimen that is personalized for your specific type and stage of cancer. The location of the cancer also matters. All of these factors plus personal medical history determines the specific medicine(s), the strength (dosage), and frequency of your chemotherapy sessions.

In some cases, combination medical oncology therapies are used to attack the cancer cells.

In Indiana, we work with you to provide care that is close to home.  Your Ascension St. Vincent care team provides home health care, nutrition counseling and extensive cancer care support services.