Church and community partners for health education

Ascension SE Michigan Community Health and faith-based partners deliver health and wellness programs to people at their church or community center

Faith and wellness partners in Michigan

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At Ascension Southeast Michigan Community Health, we work with churches to deliver care to adults with chronic illnesses. Our partnership connects church and community members with healthcare services, preventive health education, grief sharing and outreach for those unable to leave their homes. We also work with local loaner closets, food pantries and mailbox ministries. Parish nurses and community partners listen to understand your health concerns. Then, we work together to deliver the care that’s right for you. 

Exercise classes and self-management programs for chronic health conditions

When you have an ongoing health issue, educating yourself about your disease and finding a way to stay active is important. Our wellness centers and community partnerships offer classes to help you understand your disease and improve your health. Workshops and classes include:

  • Diabetes PATH – A seven-week workshop for individuals with diabetes, focusing on self-management of your diabetes care. Program meets the criteria for American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Support Initiative.
  • Exercise classes - Offered twice a week, you may join a walking and marching class or Chair Yoga.
  • Healthy Habits - A three-week workshop that discusses nutrition, meal planning, stress management, exercise and other healthy habits.
  • Health seminars - A doctor-led lecture on current medical conditions, treatments or procedures.
  • Kidney PATH - A nine-week workshop designed for individuals with chronic kidney disease. Sessions focus on kidney health and healthy living.
  • Matter of Balance – An eight-week program to help improve strength, coordination and balance problems.
  • PATH (for chronic illness) – Developed at Stanford University, a six-week education and support program for people with chronic illness. Get information on coping mechanisms and how to manage symptoms.
  • PATH Pain - A seven-week workshop to help you manage your chronic pain and live a healthier life.

To learn more about our wellness classes, please call 248-849-5714.